SLPC Cebu, Philippines

We welcome volunteers from anywhere

At SLPC our programs revolves not only with the children and families in the poor communities but also revolves around the volunteers. A big number of our volunteers are Japanese but we welcome volunteers from any country.

We have had some volunteers from USA and other parts of Asia like, Hongkong, Taiwan and Korea. We value all our volunteers not only because they are able to help us with our programs and projects like during Feeding Schedules or Clean up programs in some communities, we value them because we can see how they make the children and the people in the community happy and feel appreciated.

chidren live in Cemetery

cemetery is now on the verge of demolition

around 500 families live in this cemetery

SLPC Dexter with children at cemetery

Join our program, Sustainbale Livelihood Projects Cebu (SLPC)

From time to time we welcome Food donations, Toy donations and Monetary donations as well as accepting study tours. This is how we get our funding but with the new communities that we support and the increasing number of children, these are not enough, we are not able to do it on our own.

This is why we offer an opportunity for individuals from different countries to join our organization and become a member. We are always happy to have additional help with our activities and support for our programs especially the children. In this way we can do what we do and provide the help to the communities we support more consistently.

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Sustainable Livelihood Projects Cebu (SLPC)
221 Dahlia Road, Greenhills Subd., Casuntingan Mandaue City, Cebu 6014
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