SLPC Cebu, Philippines

SLPC is Livelihood.

Part of the Projects that we do is to give adults a chance to earn a living.

At SLPC we Help but

Just giving food and most especially money to poor communities is not a system that we practice because it will encourage laziness and they will be dependent with the help we give.

At SLPC we continue to think of ideas to give the adults in the communities where we do our programs to earn a living and more so, earn self respect. In this way there will come a time when they will be able to be independent and stand on their own and provide for their own family and by then we at SLPC can move on and help other families.

Making a bag from waste paper

Pastor has a group of making bags at cemetery. SLPC volunteers help making itas part of our projects.

This paper is used as a backing paper of stiky labels, it is durable, water resistant and light weight. ideal for tote bag.

cebu volunteer

cebu volunteer

cebu volunteer

cebu volunteer


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