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Strategic Livelihood Projects Cebu (SLPC) is an organization committed to help both the children and their families in poor communities.

We are able to feed and do activities with over 120 children in each place every feeding schedule. We also provide help for the education of some of the children in these communities. We aim to have additional more scholars and consistently help them until they graduate.

Our goal is to provide long term help … Yes, helping with the education of some children and weekly feeding can help but we do not want the children and families in these communities to keep on depending on people to just hand them food or any kind of donation, as much as possible we want them to eventually stand on their own and for the parents to provide for their own family.

International Volunteer organization, SLPC, Cebu, Philippines

Join our program, Sustainbale Livelihood Projects Cebu (SLPC)

From time to time we welcome Food donations, Toy donations and Monetary donations as well as accepting study tours. This is how we get our funding but with the new communities that we support and the increasing number of children, these are not enough, we are not able to do it on our own.

This is why we offer an opportunity for individuals from different countries to join our organization and become a member. We are always happy to have additional help with our activities and support for our programs especially the children. In this way we can do what we do and provide the help to the communities we support more consistently.

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Project we provide for the community, Cebu Philippines

Study Tour you can join as a participant

The Philippines is culturally rich, with a diverse mixture of Spanish and American influences along with the traditional native culture. Still Poverty remains a critical social problem that needs to be addressed. According to the data from the National Statistical Coordination Board, 27.9% of the population fell below the poverty line the first semester of 2012
The limited social development among the people from the deprived area provides international volunteers with a vast opportunities for volunteer work in Cebu, Philippines from placements in slum communities to orphanages to schools.

There are so many thing you can do for our children.

children in slum area

Feeding and educational activity for slum children.

children in dumpsite

Kindergarten and nursery in deprived area.


Children in Dumpsite

children in cemetery

Families live in a cemetery

children in cemetery

Children born in the cemetery, their mothers were also born there.

You can do volunteer work at your own pace, we take you to the placement for the first time to get you to know the local people.

Fees to Join our Study Tour

Package price depends on how long you stay, please ask for the latest price.
This includes planning your program, managing the schedule, supervision, orientation, airport pick up and general support while you stay with us. Accommodation and meals are not included. There are variety of accommodation available in Cebu city, We can book reasonable hotel for you ( 1 night around USD20 ) upon your request.

SLPC Staff Member


We have over 12 years experience by coordinating with volunteers in Cebu to lend a hand through volunteer work with different organizations and communities.

The board members have been working as volunteer managers and have dealt with both the volunteers and the children and people in the different organizations and communities. We welcome your participation.

International Volunteer organization, SLPC, Cebu, Philippines

SLPC helps children on the streets.

street children

Defining Filipino street children [From Wiki]
According to the "A Better Life" foundation, there are three different categories of street children:

1: Children on the streets work on the streets but do not live there. They generally have a home to return to after working, and some even continue to attend school while working long hours on the streets.

2: Children of the street make their homes on the street. They often create a sort of family with their fellow street children. Some of them still have family ties, but do not visit them and some even see these ties as bad.

3: Completely abandoned children have no family ties and are entirely on their own for physical and psychological survival.

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